• Tocotrienols


ocotrienols are a cold processed, enzymatically stabilized, whole rice bran rich in Vitamin E oils with 100-1000 times more antioxidant potential than Vitamin E related tocopherols.

This unique mix of proteins, oils, antioxidants and fiber greatly enhances Vitamin A metabolism. Tocos are a powerful synergist with Camu Camu and MSM for cell/tissue/skin integrity and with Cacao Butter for rapid remyelination of neural sheathing.

Adds a great malt flavor to Cacao drinks (Chocolate Bliss) and dessert recipes.

Tocotrienols Ingredients

Pristine, whole rice bran, ultra tocotrienols.

 About the Ingredients
All ingredients are raw. This is a Pristine product.

 Cold processed for immaculate freshness. Acquired from the cleanest sources. Far exceeds Certified Organic standards. Protected from irradiation, X-rays, truck/ship/plane exhaust fumes and overheated warehouses.

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