BioMat Professional (74"x28") w/ discount

***Only purchase this product if you have health-related training, or if you are a veteran, or first-responder.  To demonstrate eligibility for the discount, you will need to send us one of the following:

1) Your health-related training certificate.
2) Your health-related License #.
3) Government document showing veteran status (Usually a DD214 or a VA card).
4) Government document showing your status as police, EMT, or firefighter.


The BioMat Professional is the most popular BioMat.  It offers a full-body treatment, and is quite practical for storage and transportation when necessary.  It can be used on a massage table, bed, or any other flat or gently sloped surface.  It can replicate the effects of a sauna when used on the higher temperature settings, but also has many benefits on the lower and medium temperature settings.  It includes a controller, cotton cover, travel suitcase, and a 3 year limited manufacturer warranty.

  • $1,850.00